• Foil Box
  • Deflector Box / Flexofoil Ceramic Blades
  • Dewatering Boxes
  • Single Foil Box/ Flexofoil ceramic blades
Dewatering Boxes


  • Forming Board


  • Hydrofoil Box


  • Vaccuufoil Box


  • Uhle / Feltsuction Box


  • Blow Box


  • Deflector Box

Dewatering Boxes

Scandfoil AB construct and build new Dewatering boxes, plus side equipment for the Forming and Press section in the Paper machine.

We are also offering repair and rebuilt solutions at old existing Box equipment.


All our boxes for the Forming and Press section are built in stainless steel material (316L).


At the top of the box we offer our customers a choice between Scandfoil´s Ceramic wear elements Flexofoil® or wear elements in HDPE-material in different grades.

We offer our customers cost effective and high quality solutions.

Uhle box / Flexofoil ceramic blades